The SSI is comprised of a group of leading companies from across the whole shipping value chain from ship owners to customers.  This wide spectrum of membership allows for sustainability principles to be considered across the whole supply chain and therefore the full scope of challenges that the industry faces can be addressed.

Our members interact regularly in our working groups and quarterly web meetings, however twice a year we hold face-to-face members meetings where the whole membership meet. These meetings take place in various locations across the globe, with each member taking it in turns to host the member meetings.

Member meetings discuss a wide range of topics with particular focus on:

  • Setting clear objectives and direction for the work of the SSI over the next 12-18 months.
  • Progressing work towards significant tangible outcomes that benefit members and the wider industry.
  • Enhancing the ways in which we collaborate as a team.
  • Sharing learnings and insights from within our organisations and beyond.
  • Reviewing and updating our Vision and Roadmap to reflect developments in the industry.

The following slide show demonstrates the nature of discussion that occurs during these events, which are facilitated by Forum For the Future to ensure lively, proactive and engaging debates intended to stimulate constructive out of the box thinking and to make the most beneficial use of attendees time.