The SSI is an organisation for the whole shipping industry run by its leaders and with a high level of ambition.

We help to protect the future of the industry by working individually and together on progressive approaches that accelerate sustainability.

The SSI operates in three distinct ways to achieve our Vision:


Demonstrating leadership through our members’ sustainability initiatives to encourage and inspire change by sharing learnings and best practice

Combining the SSI’s and its members’ expertise and knowledge to address specific challenges that require co-ordination, innovation or scale; working together to develop tangible solutions that can be adopted by the industry to overcome barriers to change

Driving and facilitating debate on key sustainability issues to encourage long-term thinking across the industry

We identify areas where the SSI is best placed to act and apply a number of our tools in those areas. We currently have several methods of delivering our objectives which include are bi-annual face to face members meetings, our work groups which focus on specific topics and our wider industry engagement through involvement in workshops, think tanks and conferences.

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative supports the Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals officially entered into force in January 2016, these Goals set the UNs sustainable development programme for the next 15 years and unlike previous programmes these Goals are unique as they call for action from all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet instead of just the developed countries. These Goals, also encourage industry to play a vital role in achieving the targets, in light of this the SSI is taking a position that the shipping industry can help deliver specific targets and in doing so we are making sure our work going forward not only meets our vision for a sustainable shipping industry by 2040 but also contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have also highlighted previous areas of work which align with these Goals.


Historically the SSI was founded in 2010 by Forum for the Future but has since grown into an independent charity led and managed by the industry members with support from its Secretariat and overseen by a board of trustees. This is a significant achievement, and reflects the renewed drive by the members to catalyse a sustainable industry.

Under Forum for the Future’s guidance the SSI members worked with the wider shipping industry to develop a Vision for a sustainable shipping industry in 2040 and  a roadmap showing how this could be achieved these are detailed in the about the SSI section of the website, however all our current work focuses on achieving this vision.