Insight: People and governance structures matter

A distinct, clear structure for governance is needed at all stages of the process.

Different stages of the SSI have required different things – it’s important that the SSI has been able to evolve and adapt  and involve the right people as it grows.

_Overall governance, as the group grows we’re moving from a Steering Group to a smaller Executive group. Recognising that as the group grows and the project gets more complex we need an alternative structure. This helps the industry take ownership of the SSI too.

_Work streams (the action phase) is very different from earlier stages, with different drivers, needing different expertise. It require a shift from “thinkers” to “do-ers”; they need the structure and support to run in a professional and business-like way.

_Good project management, important through the whole project, pulling threads together and maintaining momentum. This is best planned for and communicated from the beginning.