Insight: Learning about the system / sector by all participants

This is a key benefit to participants of the process, and enables collaboration on a wide range of sustainability issues. The more all participants understand about the industry, the more they can design sustainable solutions around how the industry actually works. It helps if people start with an open mind about the nature of the system and how it works.

"The more you know about the industry the  more you can use your model for sustainability and mould it around how that industry works. That’s what I’ve learned a lot more about because you’ve got all sectors there. Having all those guys together is part of that cross fertilisation. Something works with one sector, one group, and may not work with another – but if you tweak it this way, it might.”  SSI Participant

“What a great bunch of people, you can learn an awful lot from it. It can broaden your perspective as I was inward looking before coming into this project, it’s broadened my perspective  and it’s well worth it” SSI participant