Insight: Celebrate, review and learn at each stage

Celebrating milestones encourages the group and supports momentum, and helps the group get through stuck points. Not everyone may be happy with what’s been achieved in that stage, but celebrate what has been done, learn from it, close, and move on.

“When we did reach an agreement it was really an achievement – there was  sense of “we are doing this, we will continue”  SSI participant

“We need the milestones to get to the forward thinking“ SSI participant

Key milestones to date:

  • Case for Action launch – May 2011 - London
  • Vision launch – Nov 2011 - London
  • Work stream plans revealed – April 2012 - Singapore
  • We’ve planned our next landmarks out to late 2013 already.

In addition reviews should be carried out at each stage of the project, so the lessons learned at one stage can be implemented or influence the next. They should be carried out by a “neutral” party/individual, and gather different kinds of data from throughout the group: from interviews to group reflections, including pictures, stories, conversation maps.

Forum for the Future has interviewed SSI participants at various stages of the journey. We’ve captured, synthesised and fed back the insights to the group, helping them consolidate their learning  and experiences as individuals and as  a group.