Insight: Allow time

This is the case on many levels. Recognising that ambitious projects take time - plan also for a long process – building consensus takes time, and people need to be prepared to be in it for the long haul. On a day to day level you need to build in time for reflection – times when participants can be alone, think things over, settle, calm things down. Difficult conversations need time to work through and resolve. Don’t try to rush the process.

Things that have worked for the SSI:

Build in an overnight stay between sessions, or dedicated reflection sessions with a reflective process (freefall writing, visualisation)  and informal time. This has kept energy and motivation high at the end of our meetings we try to keep some time for the group to share their highlights and be honest about what worked and what could have worked better interviewing participants about their experiences as individuals, in their organisations and about the impact on the shipping industry

The low points were when we were sitting in Geneva as  a group discussing 2 or 3 sentences, trying to agree on single words. That night, I took a step back from the single word focus and asked myself "can I stand behind the overall message?" and decided that I could. So I decided that I would not say anything more to argue about single words or minor points. Others seemed to come to the same realisation. And we worked it through. - SSI participant