Welcome to the SSI's new Interactive Roadmap

The Roadmap has been developed by the SSI members, and reviewed by panels of industry stakeholders, to show the complex pathways,
through to a sustainable industry in 2040.

It is important to note that the Roadmap is not static, and content will continue to evolve to reflect technical, industrial, environmental and social changes. The aim of the Interactive Roadmap is to be used as a depository for information and resources to facilitate shipping journey to a sustainable future. as such each of the milestones over time will gain additional supporting information as knowledge around sustainable shipping continue to grow. If you would like to contribute to this depository please send any documents or sources to info@ssi2040.org.

What the Interactive Roadmap is

The Interactive Roadmap has six overarching goals which shipping has to achieve in order to become sustainable. these goals have been divided into pathways which can be followed from now until 2040 in order to reach tangible outcomes. for purpose of ease we have subdivided these into strands which relate to a set topic.

How to use

Below you will see the six goals the first step is to select one of these goals that you or your company are interested in e.g. Oceans, this will bring up options of pathways for your selected goal, select which one you would like to follow e.g. Ocean Governance - Rights and Responsibilities and finally this will give you the option to view either all strands or filter on individual strands e.g. Enforcement.

Scroll down to see key milestones appear in chronological order from 2015 to 2040 with final goal at the end. The milestones themselves are fully interactive and allow you as user to click show more and view further information and sources - this key function will develop over time and we welcome industry suggestions to help evolve this.


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