Radical changes in the external operating environment explored in our Case for Action, indicate an urgent need to reshape the way in which shipping business is conducted. Building on the Case for Action we explored what it really means for shipping to be sustainable and created a vision of the industry in 2040 which is socially and environmentally responsible, resilient and profitable.

With this Vision, we are providing a proactive response to the challenges presented in the Case for Action, and are developing a framework for members to shape the future they want. In October 2011, we launched an overarching vision for the shipping industry and a set of commitments the SSI Members have signed up to.

Shipping plays a critical role in the global economy. Recognising that the challenges of the future demand significant change, SSI members developed a shared Vision for 2040 – a vision in which sustainability equals success.

We understand that this means:

  • Changing to a diverse mix of energy sources, using resources more efficiently and responsibly, and dramatically reducing greenhouse gas intensity;
  • Providing safe, healthy and secure work environments so that people want to work in shipping, where they can enjoy rewarding careers and achieve their full potential;
  • Earning the reputation of being a trusted and responsible partner in the communities where we live, work and operate;
  • Developing financial solutions that reward sustainable performance and enable large-scale uptake of innovation, technology, design and operational efficiencies;
  • Transparency and accountability drive performance improvements and enable better, sustainable business decision-making;
  • Proactively contributing to the responsible governance of the oceans.

Our Vision

SSI members share this vision for a sustainable shipping industry. We commit to working towards this in all our own operations and/or activities that involve shipping, and in all our dealings with and support for the shipping industry to make our vision a global reality by 2040.

For the full version of our full Vision document and details on how we plan to put the Vision into action, please click here.