Membership is welcomed from all leading companies from all sectors of the shipping industry, including:


Ship owners, operators & managers


Charterers and shippers


Shipbuilders, repairers & recycling yards


Classification societies


Banks, ship finance and insurance providers


Marine equipment providers


Ports and port operators


Other marine service providers


Academic and research institutions

October 2016 Members Meeting in Taipei

Why you should join:

Together we are creating positive, tangible and long lasting change in the industry. As a member you will be working actively with an exclusive group of industry leaders to shape the future of shipping.

You and your organisation will play a key role in promoting the understanding of, and engagement in, strategic sustainability opportunities and addressing the risks for the industry and its stakeholders. The SSI is increasingly becoming the voice for sustainability of the industry.

Membership of the SSI offers you:

  • Access to other leaders in the industry, up and down the shipping value chain, in a safe-space for close collaboration and networking
  • The value of participating actively in the working group(s) of your choice, helping you solve complex problems you might not be able to address alone
  • A deep understanding of future risks and opportunities beyond the usual 3-5 year timeframe
  • Opportunities to actively shape the future direction of the shipping industry and its response to the sustainability challenges ahead
  • An enhanced reputation as a leader in the industry and association with a high profile, global initiative
  • Opportunities, through working group participation, to shape and support practical action aimed at re-defining key elements of the shipping industry
  • Support, advice and encouragement from two strong NGOs each with decades of experience which they actively share with the members of SSI

Stephanie Draper presenting at the Asia Pacific Marine Conference 2016

FFtF Founder Jonathan Porritt Speaking at the Launch of the SSI Vision 2040

Additional membership benefits:

  • Access to experts in sustainability and Future Watch / Blue Sky reporting of important trends and weak signals of change
  • Participation in Future Leaders Programs (depending on availability)
  • Recognition and profile on SSI website and access to member only content and information
  • Continuous improvement and quantifiable shared commitments scheme
  • A dedicated and experienced secretariat focused on leveraging your impact and delivering membership value
  • Opportunity to set our direction and nominate Directors/Trustees
  • Flexible terms with opportunities to claim discounts linked to membership participation
  • Priority access to Membership events and webinars

How you can join us:

Contact the SSI Secretariat requesting an information pack comprising full SSI membership terms and principles.

Registered Office:
Overseas House
19-23 Ironmonger Row

Telephone: +44 20 7324 3626
Twitter: @sustshipping
LinkedIn: Connect with us

Full membership terms and principles are available on request.

"The SSI is an outstanding example of the mobilisation of an entire industry sector, shipping. There hasn't been much pressure on this sector in the past, but they've helped shine a spotlight and bring together major players onto one platform. Several years ago, this kind of work was foreign territory. The work SSI is doing is absolutely pioneering."

Guardian Sustainable Business Awards Judges