Vision 2040 launch

On 31st October 2011, the SSI members launched their Vision 2040 statement – a shared vision of an industry in 2040 which is resilient, socially and environmentally responsible and profitable. Our vision for a sustainable shipping industry Shippi... Read more

Kristian Jebsen

"Shipping has a vital role to play in ensuring we achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability. The SSI initiative is a very good platform for ensuring that we, as an industry, are able to fulfil our responsibilities both now and in the ... Read more

Giovanni Ravano

“Bunge is committed to improving the sustainability of the global food and agricultural production chain. To do so requires attention to our own operations, but also the promotion of better agricultural practices and more sustainable logistics. Shi... Read more

Pier-Luigi Sigismondi

"Unilever has a bold ambition to double its business and halve its environmental impact and has underpinned this ambition with the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan; nothing less than the basis of a new business model. Quite simply, the only way we wi... Read more

Morten H. Engelstoft

"We are in business for the long-term and therefore take an active role in defining the future we want to be part of. Delivering on a joint vision for our industry will help drive a needed change in operating models – thereby allowing economies t... Read more

Tim Blackburn

“China Navigation is very pleased to have participated in the development of the SSI Vision 2040. We are committed to the development of solutions that will assist our industry to be more environmentally and socially responsible, whilst simultaneou... Read more

David Dingle CBE

“From Carnival’s perspective the Sustainable Shipping Initiative should support an expanding, well-rewarded and supported workforce and network of suppliers and to enhance significantly the economies and services of the communities its ships visi... Read more

Roger Janson

“Cargill recognizes the potential benefits that the Sustainable Shipping Initiative can bring to the global shipping industry and we are proud to be an active participant. We live in a world of finite resources. But demand for food, industrial and ... Read more